le petit prince

by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

this is one of the first 5 books i've read in french, and i often find myself picking it up for a quick read.

i've often found that the greatest of literature is found in children's books. adult stories are filled with nuance and many branching concepts, and that can be amazing fun.

but children's stories tend to attempt to get to the root of the thing, and in the most simple and effective manner.

what looks like a short story at a glance, can be broken down and analyzed to get to even deeper truths.

i'd almost say that "the alchemist" is somewhat of a children's story. and this book is like that.

it's about searching and exploring. it's about transcending the rules and regulations that are imposed on us by adulthood and not losing our creativity and innocence.

it's about not letting the thoughts and statements of others persuade us to stray too far from who we are and the things that deeply inspire us.

it's about not giving up on drawing at the age of 6, but also not being too hard on oneself if you did.

it's about learning how to utilize everything you've experienced along the way to help you when you eventually make it back to drawing.

drawing, painting, creating games - whatever made your heart sing.

it's a great children's book. it's also a great book for anyone who used to be a child.

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